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Bad Roofs - What Do They Mean For Your Home?

September 12, 2022
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Key Takeaways:

· A damaged roof is bad news for your home.

· There are many signs of a bad roofing system; the earlier you catch them, the better.

· A weakened roof can cause serious problems for your home, including leaks, drafts, and even structural damage.

· Poor roof maintenance can result in a structural collapse.

· It's essential to get a good contractor for all your roofing services.

A bad roof can be a huge problem for your home. It may result in water damage and other significant issues, making your house appear unpleasant and less comfortable. Getting it fixed as soon as possible is essential if you have a weak roof. In this blog post, YTown Roofing LLC will discuss the problems that a damaged roof can cause and what you can do to fix them.

Common Signs Of A Roof Going Bad:

Sign 01: Loose or missing shingles.

This can result from storm damage, or it might be because your roof has seen better days. Your roof won't be very effective at safeguarding your home as a whole if shingles start to break loose or fall off.

Sign 02: Shingles that are curling, buckling, or blistering

If any of these warning flags appear on your shingles, they have likely reached the end of their useful life, and you should get a new roof constructed. High humidity levels (contact with excessive moisture), typically caused by a bad roof ventilation system, might cause blistering.

Sign 03: Daylight shining through the roof

This is a definite sign that you need a new roof, which means your current roof has holes. Not only does this make your residential property more vulnerable to leaks and weather damage, but it also makes your energy bills go up, as heat can escape through the gaps in your roof.

Sign 04: Sagging roof

A sagging or drooping roof means that your roof could be weak and degrading, or it has bad installation, or it may be carrying too much weight. Whatever the reason, roof sagging is an obvious indication that you need to replace your roof. It might fall apart if you don't respond quickly.

Sign 05: Water damage in the interior of the house or attic

There's a significant probability that your shingle underlayment is insufficient or that the flashing on your roof has deteriorated if water seeps into your house or attic. Poor ventilation on the roof can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Sign 06: Granules clogging gutters

If the roof is still quite new, you could see some granules that may have dropped during installation. Granules in the downspout, however, indicate that your shingles are deteriorating and may need to be changed if your roof is reasonably old.

Granules are a crucial component of the roof because they shield it from ultraviolet radiation; if they are lost, the shingles become exposed and more prone to cracking.

Clogged gutters are one of the first indications of granules dropping. Unless, of course, your gutters are completely blocked by leaves and branches, the obstructions are likely granules, and you need to get them changed.

Sign 07: Missing or damaged flashing

Flashing is a thin layer of waterproof material installed at vulnerable points on your roof where water might enter, such as around the chimney, skylights, and vents.

If it's not installed correctly or maintained, flashing can cause serious damage to your home. In particular, missing or damaged flashing can lead to leaks and rotting.

How can a bad roof lead to other costly repairs down the road?

Bad roofing can cause all types of damage to your home. It can lead to costly repairs, from structural damage to pest and water damage.

Additionally, the deteriorated roof has a huge impact on resale value. A home with such a roof is unlikely to sell as compared to a home with a good roof. So, not only can bad roofing cause expensive repairs, but it can also make it difficult to sell your home down the road.

Other than that, it means higher insurance premiums. Homeowners with a bad roof may find their homeowner's insurance premiums are higher than those with a good roof. So, if you have a damaged roof, get it fixed as soon as possible.

Tips for choosing the right roofing contractor to prevent bad roofing:

  1. Always hire local roofing contractors: If a leak should develop down the road, you can readily check the firm's reputation in the neighborhood and assure that the company will stand behind its workmanship warranty.
  2. Check out the roofing contractor's crew: If a prospective roofer hires day laborers, you may want to look elsewhere. An experienced and good-quality roofing team is worth its weight in gold to ensure your home's roof is properly installed.
  3. Check for insurance, permits, and licenses: Ensure the roofing contractor has all the necessary insurance, permits, and licenses required by your state or municipality.
  4. Get references and check them out: Be sure to get references from the roofing contractor and then follow up and ask with a call to those references.
  5. Make sure the price is right: The old saying goes, "You get what you pay for." In the roofing industry, this is certainly true. The cheapest bid may not always be the best deal.
  6. Get everything in writing: Always get a detailed contract specifying materials, cleanup procedures, start and completion dates, and payment terms. This will help avoid misunderstandings later on.

Don't feel rushed into making a decision. Buying a new roof is costly, so you want to make sure you choose the best contractor for this job.

How much does a new roof cost on average?

The average cost of any new roof is between $5000 and $10000. However, the cost will vary on factors like the size and pitch of your roof and the materials used.

A damaged roof can mean big problems for your home. Be sure to research before hiring a contractor, and always get everything in writing. With a little effort and money, you can ensure that your new roof will be a great investment in your home.

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